small jewelry boxes


gold-irridescent-bevel.jpg (13628 bytes)Item: Gold stained glass box with clear beveled top.        .
Gold and amber iridescent glass with a clear beveled top.
Brass finished seams with beveled teardrop crystal. 
Overall size: 3 inches x 3 inches, height 3 1/2 inches.
Price:  $40.00.  S&H $8.00   
Item # BS1  
                               gold-rriedescent-bevel-2.jpg (18385 bytes)       


pink-bevel1.jpg (13998 bytes)Item:  Pink stained glass box with clear beveled top..
Description:  Pink semi-transparent opaque glass with clear beveled top. Silver finished seams with clear glass bead.
Overall size: 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, height 4 inches.
Price:  $37.00.  S&H  $8.00 
Item # BS2

               pink-bevel2.jpg (12990 bytes)

Item:  Mauve stained glass chain box.
Description:  Mauve rippled textured glass, edges and hinges are decorated with chain.  Amethyst crystal decorates the top and functions as a handle to open box.  Gun metal finish.
Overall size:  3 1/4 inches square, height 3 inches with ball feet.

Price:  $35.00. S&H $8.00
Item # BS7

valentine-boxes.jpg (16427 bytes)Item:  Valentine Box

Description:  Clear textured glass with silver  bottom.  Lid is decorated with a glass heart.  Copper foil construction with  copper finish.
Overall size:  3 x 2 and 1 1/4 inches tall with ball feet.

Price:  $35.00.  S&H $8.00

 Item# VBC (copper finish) 



tinybox2.jpg (17255 bytes)Item:  Tiny iridescent stained glass box.
Description:  Tiny multi-colored iridescent opaque glass
Bottom is not mirrored.  Top removable, not hinged.  Copper finished seams.
1 1/2 inches high, sides are 1 3/8 by 1 1/2.
Price:  $27.00.  S&H $8.00 
Item # BS3
                                 tinybox3.jpg (10889 bytes)


rose3.jpg (12602 bytes)Item:  Small rose stained glass box
Description:  Red opaque rose with black opaque glass background.
Leaves over hang box for easy open.  Gun metal  finished seams.
2/14 inches high, sides are approximately 2 3/4 inches.
Price:  $27.00. S&H $8.00 
  Item # BS4

balloon1.jpg (23716 bytes)Item: Balloon stained glass Box
Description:  Blue transparent  textured glass with jewel balloons
1 1/1 inches high, sides 1 3/4 inches.  Copper finish.
Price:  $27.00.  S&H $8.00 
Item #  BS5



Item: Triangle stained glass Box
Description:  Deep Blue transparent glass triangle with blue jewel on top. 
Glass on top in slightly textured with a swirl.  Silver finish.
blue-triangle.jpg (13409 bytes)
1 1/4 inches high, sides are 2 1/2 inches
Price: $27.00.  S&H $8.00 
Item # BS6

blue-triangle2.jpg (13380 bytes)                                                                         

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